Taking ideas and concepts and creating something the eyes can interpret.

About Me

My name is Mark Medina. I am from the San Francisco Bay Area. I have over 6 years of graphic design experience and print production. I started my journey as a graphic designer at a print shop in Vallejo, California. After two years of working at the print shop I decided to persue more creative projects. I started freelancing in 2008 and decided to move forward in higher education.

My education consists of an Associates degree at Solano Community College for Liberal Arts in Illustrations and a B.A. in Arts at Cal State East Bay in graphic design. With my academics and my passion to perfect my skills, I am always looking to improve myself as an artist and a designer.

My most recent positions are an Art Director for H.U. Designs and Print Production member at Pictopia.

What I love about designing is the concept of creating something out of nothing. My job is making a visual representation of ideas and words. I would consider myself as a visual communicator. I take words and ideas and translate them into something the eyes can interpret.